TB 5.1


Well, the season started off with a bang! I am not quite sure how I feel about it yet. I like the episode just fine, but it was weird seeing Eric hook up with Nora no more than a night or two after he had declared his love for Sookie. As Ali pointed out, the EW interview with Eric did state according to Alex, something along the lines of that he had all ready learned his lessen, he opened up, he got burned- he wasn’t about to do it again.

Alex was perfect, as always, but this was not the Eric I had grown to know and love. It was almost like I was watching Alex have a one night stand! MissyD suggested it’s because the two Eric’s have now merged, vulnerable Eric and BAMF Eric. This is probably also true. I would love to pick Thyra’s brain about it but since she boycott’s the show, I wouldn’t get very far. 😉

Off TB topic, but on Askars topic, the latest pap video’s released from his outing with itty bitty Ellen Page had my stomach turning. These people seriously treat them like meat. Ellen was literally surrounded at the end, had no idea which way to go, and she is so tiny she had to trust the paparazzi freaks to lead her in the right direction. I did raise my eyebrow at Alex having her pick up his car from valet, but hope there was a good reason behind, such as ohhhh, maybe she offered? Yeah… Thyra and I laughed about it this morning and she assures me that ALL Scandinavian men are like this. They are so different then American men. Like the walking super fast thing. She said they all do it, it doesn’t matter if they are walking with The Bos or not. They will always walk faster then you. The car thing wouldn’t really bother me, well it wouldn’t at all because no one is going to be shoving a camera in my face so I would be happy to go and get the car. But the walking in front of me? Uh-huh, that shit is not going to fly. I would trip his ass. 😀 I would also bandage him up while I was at it. 😉

So back on topic, it looks like this is going to be a good season. But again, I just don’t understand why there have to be so many damn story lines. The general fandom of the show only care about Eric, Pam, Laf and sometimes Sook. Everyone else is great, but they all need to be on another show. There is just to much shit going on and I firmly believe that is why it isn’t winning awards. They have stellar actors, great sets and mostly good writing. But some of the crap that AB decides to do with the story lines just baffles the general public. Anyone with half of a brain can tell Skars is the money draw for the show.

And don’t even try and argue with me about that, I have been at the events, I have seen the reactions, it is obvious who is bringing the money in for Ball. Now that he is stepping down from the show, let’s hope they get it back on track next season and get back to the core of the show. Vampires.


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