Quickie Update

I currently have 5 fics in the works and hope to have them ready for posting by the end of the week, if not sooner.

I will be scarce the next few days as I am suffering from excruciating pain in my right arm. I was diagnosed with tenosynovitis and extreme forearm strain back in August. I am finally meeting with a hand surgeon on Wednesday. I am hoping he will have some miracle cure for me, but I have a sneaking suspicion it is going to lead to surgery. Which I am really freaked about.

But don’t worry, I can still update and write with my wonderful dictation software I have, which has been a total life savior. I won’t be on gchat for a few days at least, because I just can’t keep up with the speed without a lot of pain. My doctor had told me to start using my arm and that is what I have been doing, but apparently it just can’t hang! And of course, yours truly IS right handed…

Anyways, I will be reading updates, twitter, fb, blogs, etc to stay in touch and write as I can.

Love to all!!


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