What a day, huh?

I don’t think it has ever felt so good to be home and to snuggle into my comfy chair with my cuddly kitty.

I actually had a chance to go to the chiro this morning before I found out about Grandma, but the stress of the day has taken all the good that he did away. I am an internalizer of stress, you will never see it on the outside, it’s always tucked away on the inside. 

So, here is the latest.

Grandma has:

  • Fractured skull
  • Brain bleed
  • Fractured orbital
  • Multiple jaw fractures
  • Possible wrist fracture

Today was long. My mom and I should be used to being in the hospital with Nama (as a call her) by now, but we’re not. It still sucks. It’s times like this I wish my Grandad (we spell it with one d) was still around, my mom’s father. He was pretty remarkable. Then I remember he would have been older than Nama and really wouldn’t have been able to handle the weight of all of this.

At the end of the day, most news was good.

Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon came first. He was very sweet and gave us the wonderful news that the fractures in her face are perfectly aligned and they are best left alone. So while painful, it would be much better to leave them alone.

Then was McDreamy, or the Neurosurgeon. Seriously, it must be a requirement these days to be hot because WOW. Anyways. Good news was as of right now, he does not feel she is going to need cranial surgery. He wants a scan done in the morning to see if her bleeding has increased or decreased and then we will go from there.

So, while still scary news for a 92 yr old little thing like my Grandma, it was much better than what we feared.

We just have to play the waiting game right now. As long as nothing changes, we should be okay. If it does, then the scary stuff comes out, like her Advanced Health Care Directive which basically states “do not ever cut into my head and if I am going to die without extra stuff being done just let me go”. sigh

Just not ready to go down that road. I understand it is nearly around the corner, but don’t think my little heart can take it. When she’s gone, that’s it- she is my last living grandparent.

One thing I can be especially thankful is that I live in the home they raised my mother in. It’s lovely, built in 1950, with original hardwood floors. Of course I have done some updating to make it more practical, but it is really nice to live here. I have a lot of great memories of my mom’s parents in this home. I can stil remember running through the kitchen (which seemed so long) to jump into my Grandad’s arms when he came home from work. I look at the old mulberry tree in the backyard and remember all of the times Grandma and I sat under it, drinking a special punch she made just for me.

Okay, gonna cut it before I cry. Again, thank you everyone for your tweets, your emails, your comments, your DMs…it really means a lot.

I forgot to add, I am going to be closing comments on one of my more…controversial posts. Not because I can’t stand the heat 😉 , but not right now with other things much more at the forefront of my mind. I am sure you all understand. XX

Me and my favorite man who ever lived.

Grandma and Grandad, not all that long ago.


6 responses to “What a day, huh?

  1. Nothing like a kitty to hold on to.
    Wow, you had some really good news. And fast too. That’s good. It sets your mind at ease.)
    Fractures heal. Might take a wee bit longer, but they will. Plus they have medicine for pain.
    Ahh Cute doctors.. See your doing better since you noticed. ; )

    • Yeah, except I actually called him McDreamy and my mom wanted to crawl under Grandma’s bed. We do have very good news, as long as the brain bleed does not get worse.

      You know, Mary, you comment this morning couldn’t have been at a better time. I was in that mode of utter panic and blinding fear, so I was desperately trying to distract myself. Reading wasn’t working so I got online and there was a message from you. It meant a lot. XO

      • I know what you mean. My brother got real sick back in Nov. and Dec. My sister got him to go to the doctors. Put it this way, if he didn’t go then he would be dead by now. Only just turned 50. He has congested heart failure on top of untreated diabetes. He lost part of eye sight.

        So any kind of distraction for such short times during the day helps. It took so long for the doctors to tell us that too.

        You actually said McDreamy? Ha ha, What was his reaction to that?

      • I am so sorry about your brother! It sucks so much when people we love are ill. *hugs*

        Yes… I said McDreamy. I either have no filter about those things and I don’t care what people think…not sure which it is. LOL He took it very well, blushed a bit and thanked me. Mom looked like she was going to kill me until she realized I was making the Greys Anatomy reference…although it didnt help I couldnt remember the name first and called him McSexy…. SMH

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