True Blood: Hopeless w/ Caps

Nice way to start the show, with a sexy Eric promo. Grrr. Spoilers!

Russell wants a snack.



Eric to the rescue, Russell is not going to get a bite of her with Eric around.



Oh, joy…Bill.



Oh! And the authority.



Making mention of not letting the others go since they know to much, we can tell who Eric is concerned about.



Yep. Sookie.



Kill them or glamour them? Let’s go with glamour.



Well that clears it up, fake glamour of Sookie. Talk about a jacked up promo they showed us. LOL



Eric isn’t liking Bill glamouring Sookie, especially when he hears his name.


“You’ll keep your hands off her romantically speaking. She kind of disguts you.”


Best line of the night. Way to go, Eric. Always use the situation to your advantage!



Glad to see Sam and Luna are alive! Poor little Emma running to Mema’s house (or whatever the hell her  name is), she was probably so scared.



Poor Hoyt. He is so lost this season.



Enjoying the banter between Eric and Bill.



“Lilith can fucking blow me.”

Poor humans. 😦 The Authority guard broke his promise.

I like that they are showing more of the Stackhouse background. If it turns out a vamp killed them, it’s 100% on Bill.

Umm. WTF. Why was he in her bed?  He better keep his hairy paws off of her!

LOL! Go, Eric!! His glamour works!

Sookie’s gross!

Darn Sookie and her fairy powers. She knew Eric messed with Alcide’s head about her.

“Just gonna stay here and quietly slip into a coma…” I am enjoying Sookie’s one liners, even “Must be Thursday”, although it was an ode to Buffy.

I love Scott Foley and Todd Lowe, great scene from the two of them.

I just wish they had their own show, with the rest of the shifters and wolves. LOL

Oh, LaLa. What have they done to you this season? I could do without all the demon crap, although I am enjoying the scene with him and his mama. I love that she calls Jesus “Geezus” instead of “Heysuse”.

Oh goody. Girl talk with Arlene and Holly and Sookie.

I didn’t realize Sookie still had a job!

Good for Sam, letting Andy know how it is.

Yay, Alcide is going to take over the pack with the pretty girl. Then he will focus on her instead of Sookie.

Get ’em, girl! I fully support you!

God, Alex looks amazing in leather…Grrr…

She likes him in leather, too.



She thinks Bill is a boyscout, too.

“There are certain human I have felt protective of. Before.”

Loving this exchange between Roman and Eric. Alex is an amazing actor. His facial expressions, smiles…act for him. If he was mute, he would  still be an amazing actor.

Eric considers himself a Pacifist.

Roman is so not buying it.

Eric is so bored, he is flinging his hand around.

Eric putting himself at risk for Nora, ugh. He isn’t going to like what he says when gets down to her cell.

She’s my sister.

Poor Arlene and Terry. As much as I love them, I think the smoke monster is the stupidest thing I have seen.This was a great scene with the two of them, only diminished by the lame smoke monster. “Three little people who count on me to survive.” Arlene doesn’t understand and poor Terry thinks she does.

“You fairy fuckers!” LOL

You fairy fuckers! That’s my sister!

Jason! Come on!

Yes, the fairy club looks a lot like the HBO/Playboy party last night.


Club on the show.

Claude is so not the hottie he was in the books.

Sookie tells Claude that he can’t be the same guy who helped her escape, because that guy had meth teeth and bad hair.

Oh goody! Sookie pisses off the fairies and gets zapped.

Fairy light, unite!

Nora is completely off her rocker.

Poor Eric.

Obviously Russell isn’t going to die…”Peace is for pussies!”

Blah blah blah, I hate huuuuuumans!

Roman, Meloni, has always had a very commanding voice.

Oh dear. This so can’t be good.


I bet Eric is really wishing he had killed Russell the first time.

Oh, shiiiiit.



And the crazy lady sings.

That’s right, people. Shit just got real.


Salome is so behind this.

And I am never screen-capping again. Takes way too much time. LOL Hope you enjoyed it!


11 responses to “True Blood: Hopeless w/ Caps

  1. That was almost as fun as watching it the first time . I loved Eric’s glamouring of Alcide. I’m sad that Christopher Meloni only lasted 6 episodes. And I’m pissed over the ridiculousness that it’s the Iraq fire/smoke monster thing. Arlene is dead on to think Terry is off his meds. It’s a stupid story line. Loved that you did this.

    • Aw, thanks! I will never do it again. LOL It was way too much work! And it doesn’t look as nice and organized as I would have liked it to, but I was exhausted by the time I was done.

      I totally loved how high handed Eric was in this episode, it suits him! I didn’t expect to see Meloni die this soon, but that just tells us some serious shiznit is going to happen in the second half of the season.

      Ugh. The smoke monster…*sigh* Poor Terry and Arlene. Like I said, everyone but the vamps and Sookie need to be on another show. 😉

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