PDP Friday

Sorry for the delay in updating, guys! I had a very long day today, had to drive out of town to see a neurologist to see what is going on with my hand/arm. I am sitting at about a 9 pain scale right now, so don’t feel like doing much. I promise I will update tomorrow!!

Remember, if we hit ten reviews on the next chapter- not including mine!- you will get a sneak peak for the following chapter.



4 responses to “PDP Friday

  1. Hope your neurologist appt. goes ok. I saw mine last week and had an MRI also. About 4 months ago I woke up in the morning and my left arm, down to my fingertips, were just numb/dead. I thought I just slept wrong and it would “wake up”. 2 days later I was still numb and thought that maybe I was having a stroke? Well a visit to my MD sent me to a neuro. Neuro ordered 18 rounds of physical therapy and put me on 3 different muscle relaxers, thinking it was a neck problem. I explained to her that I dind’t do anything, fall, car accident, etc., I just woke up that way. (My sister told me that if she believed that, she probably thinks I was having hot monkey sex to put me in that state, which I did not do!) Pain was not too bad, at worst a 4 on a scale of 10, but working as a paralegal, my typing speed went from about 90 wpm to about 30 wpm ’cause I can’t feel my L arm half the time. So, the MRI revealed a disc that is completely shot and out of place. L6? So now, I have to start traction 3x per week and instead of neck surgery (which I absolutely refuse to have), I’ll be going to the spine center for Cortizone injections in my neck. Now, I wish it were hot monkey sex to put me this way so at least I would have gotten some pleasure for all this pain!

    • It’s crazy what repetitive motions (like typing) can do to you!! Thanks for sharing your story, it’s nice to have someone who understands. So far I have experienced no numbness or dead feelings. Just a heck of a lot of pain. All of my treatment has been through my works workers compensation drs, so it hasn’t been very good or efficient time wise. Thankfully I was able to get in with some good drs recently who are paying attention to me and instead of saying what’s wrong with you, go back to work! They are telling me I am chronic, which makes a heck of a lot sense considering it has been going on for over a year! I have tendon strain and tennis elbow with pain going all the way up to my neck. Hopefully the mri will tell me something and maybe this neuro dr will get my pt approved they keep denying! LOL XX

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