Papa Don’t Preach: Chapter 7

Sookie was stunned. Apparently so was everyone else because it was dead silent for a few moments until people started whispering.

“Eric.” Sookie tugged on his shirt. “Eric!”

He grabbed her hand. “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

“Eric!” She walked as fast as her legs would go to keep up with him. He was staring straight ahead, his face set in frown. “What…why…what were you thinking?”

“I don’t know.” He responded as he got them to the car. He dug in his shorts for his keys and then handed them over.

“How much did you drink?” She slid in on the driver’s side and started the car up.

His head was leaning against the window seal. The window was rolled down to let the cool air in. “I shot some Patron with Tray and JB.” He closed his eyes and rested his forehead against his hand.

“Do you have any idea what you just said back there?” She whispered fiercely. “What kind of a mess you created?”

“I did it for you, Sookie.” His eyes flashed with anger.

“I didn’t ask you to do anything for me!” She raised her voice and pounded her hand into the seat. “How are you going to explain this to people? Your parents are going to find out! My parents are going to think the baby is yours!”

He groaned and covered his eyes. “I know, I know. I couldn’t stand to hear them talk to you like that for one more minute. They don’t know the first thing about you, Sook!”

“No, they don’t! But you do! And you know the last thing in the world I want is you caught up in this mess with me!” She wiped angrily at the tears running down her cheeks.

He glared at her from under his arm. “Too late now.”

“Eric, this could ruin everything for you.” She yanked his arm from his face, holding his hand. “Look at me!”

He sighed and turned to her, taking in her tear-stained cheeks and her chest as it strained against the sobs she fought back. “Sookie. I may not have thought before I spoke, but I don’t take any of it back. I wish the baby was mine.”

She gasped, her hand going to her mouth as she stared at him in shock. “Eric, you don’t mean that. You don’t want to have a baby this young. I know I sure as hell don’t!”

“Sook, I’m not saying I wanted to get you pregnant. But if it had to happen to you, I wish it were me that was responsible for it. I can’t stand the idea of you being stuck with that jerk for the rest of your life.” He pleaded with her as took both of her hands in his.

“Eric, this whole night has been a lot for me to take in. Heck, the last 24 hours were almost more than I can stand. This is a lot.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to marry me. I’m saying I am going to be here for you, as much as I can. If Alcide doesn’t want anything to do with you or the baby, and you decide to keep it, well…” He focused on the hole in the seam of his shorts, digging his finger into it, as if he were afraid to look her in the eyes. “You have me.”

“Oh, Eric.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him as tight as she could. “You’re a good person and your heart is in the right place. You’re drunk, let’s see how you feel about this in the morning, okay?”

He flinched and pulled away from her, resuming his position staring out the window. “I’m not drunk. I know what I’m saying.”

Sookie nodded while putting the car into reverse. “Let’s get home, okay?”

Eric stayed silent for most of the ride. She checked on him occasionally out of the corner of her eye. He appeared deep in thought and she wished she knew what he was thinking.

“You want to stay over again?” She broke the silence finally and his head snapped up to look at her.

“I figured you probably wanted to be alone after all of this.” His eyes looked sad.

“No, Eric. I’m not mad at you. I’m just a little confused, that’s all.” She patted his leg and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“Yeah, you and me both.”

They spoke no more until they reached her house. The lights were out, so they took extra care unlocking the front door and climbing the stairs. She switched on her lamp and he slumped down on the bed. Grabbing her pajamas, she paused before she left the room. “You don’t have to sleep in your shirt. I know it’s awful hot tonight. Are you wearin’ boxers?”

A wry grin perked up his face and he lifted his head up. “Why, Sookie, are you trying to take advantage of me in my inebriated state?”

She giggled, rolling her eyes. “I don’t think so, turbo. I was going to say if you are wearing underwear like a normal person, then you can strip down and get comfy. If not, I think I might have a pair of your basketball shorts in my top right drawer.”

When she came back in her jammies Eric was standing in front of her dresser, his mouth hanging open. “How come I never got to see any of this stuff?” In his hand were a couple pairs of lacy panties.

“You pervert.” She laughed, bumping him with her hips. “I said right drawer, not left!”

“I know.” He grinned back, motioning down to his shorts. “I was curious to see how much your underwear changed since I saw it last.”

She yanked the panties out of his hand, smacked him upside the head with them and then closed her drawer. “Get in bed before I make you sleep on the floor in Jason’s room.”

At his name they both stopped in horror.

“Jason is going to think you got me pregnant.” She covered her mouth and sank down on the bed. “He is going to kill you.”

“Oh, shiiiiit.” Eric dropped next to her. “We need to talk to him before someone else does.”

“I’ll text him!” She grabbed her phone off the nightstand.

S: J, what are you doing?

A few moments later her phone beeped.

 J: You don’t want me to answer that question.

S: Are you still at the party?

J: I didn’t exactly make the party.

Sookie sighed in relief and showed the texts to Eric.

S: Ok, the party was weird and there’s a whole bunch of rumors going around now about me and Alcide breaking up. Don’t believe anything you hear until you talk to me, k?

J: Sook, I love ya, but really? You’re killing my boner here.

“Oh God. Ew!” She tossed her phone down and shook her head. “Well, at least Jason is so distracted by his penis he doesn’t think about anything else!”

Eric got under the covers and pressed himself against the wall. Her twin bed was too small; his feet hung off the end. “That is one of your brother’s most endearing qualities.”

She turned off the light, laying down facing him. “It’s too hot for the covers. Aren’t you hot?” She was in a thin tank top and a pair of Eric’s old boxer shorts. The fabric was faded blue with white pinstripes and she loved them.

He kicked the covers down. “You’re getting pregnancy hormones already.”

“Gosh, I hope not.” Once settled, she tucked her hands under her chin. It had been a long time since she had seen him without a shirt on; he had really filled out. His pecks were nice and looked firm, which made her giggle.

“What are you laughing about?” He pulled her hair out of the rubber band and gently rubbed her scalp.

“Your pecks.” She responded with a grin.

“My pecks? What’s wrong with them?” He looked down, flexing them a few times. “I worked hard on these.”

“I know. I’m just appreciating how even they are. And that you only have two nipples.” Her laughter finally burst out and she muffled her face in the pillow, not wanting to wake her parents.

“What?” His laughter mixed with hers. “Who has un-even pecks and more than two nipples?”

“Alcide!” She laughed even harder at the confused expression on his face.

“Shut up!”

“I swear! You would never know since he was so hairy, but I told him once I didn’t like all that hair, so he shaved!” She rolled onto her back, smiling at the memory. “Boy, was I surprised!”

“How uneven are they?” Eric propped himself up so he was looking down at her.

Really uneven. He actually trims his chest hair on the normal side to make him look symmetric.”

He buried his face into her neck and let loose his laughter. The bed began to shake they were laughing so hard. “Wait, what about the nipples?”

She shook her head unsure if she could get it out. Her face hurt from the laughter. “He has an extra set.”

“WHAT?” Eric hollered and sat up in the bed, tears pricking his eyes. He held his stomach as he laughed.

Sookie sat up quickly covering his mouth. “Shhh! Don’t wake Mama and Daddy up!”

“Where in the hell are they?” He asked, once he was slightly under control.

“About three inches below his normal ones. They’re tiny.” She remembered how horrified she was the first time she saw him with a shaved chest. She also remembered how he reacted to her when she giggled. She hadn’t meant to, she was surprised and didn’t know how to react. Pushing that memory out of her mind, she laid back down to face Eric, who had flung himself back on the bed after the nipple revelation.

“No wonder he is such asshole. He’s got jacked up pecks, funky nipples and a pretty small dick.” He laid his head onto her pillow.

“Hey, how do you know he has a small you-know-what?” She eyed him carefuly.

“I’ve seen him in the showers. Some guys are show-ers and some guys are growers. He sure as hell isn’t a show-er and from what I have heard he also doesn’t grow much.” He held up his fingers to show his impression.

She wasn’t going to comment on that, but she secretly thought Eric was right. Although that worked out well for her, since it was her first time and all. She had seen Eric naked once and knew there was no comparison.

“He got the short end of the stick, that’s for sure.” She agreed shaking her head. “Hair, nipples and his thing.”

After they had been silent for a while Eric cleared his throat and then softly asked, “You want to talk about tonight?”

“We probably should,” she admitted, brushing his hair back from his forehead, “although I wouldn’t mind putting it off for awhile.”

He nodded thoughtfully. “You did promise you would tell me about him not being good to you, though.”

“I did.” She stretched out and rolled her ankles, giving them a quick pop.

“You’re tired.” He remarked, gently rubbing her arm.

“A little. How can you tell?”

“You always pop your ankles when you’re tired. Then you start- “ he laughed, ”rubbing your legs.”

Sookie looked down to see she had indeed been rubbing her legs with her hand. “Boy, nothing gets by you, does it?”

“Not when I’ve known you for so long.” He smiled. “Here, roll over on your stomach.”

“Why?” She did as he asked.

“I’m going to rub your back for you.” He said matter-of-factly. “Better get back into practice; I’m sure you’re going to need it as the months go on.”

“I imagine so. And my feet.” She smirked knowing how much Eric despised feet.

He repressed a shudder. “For you, Sookie, as long as they are freshly washed, I will rub your feet.” His hands massaged deeply into the tense muscles in her back and she sighed happily. “All right, Sook. Spill.”

“What do you want to know?” She asked softly.


AN: A special thanks to SophieMyst for coming to my rescue and betaing this chapter for me! Silly me went to pull up my copy from Jax last night and realized I missed sending this chapter to her! SophieMyst filled in last minute and I owe her big!

I also apologize for how late this is getting posted. It’s 3:20am here and I am ready to drop, but was determined to get this up for you all before I go to bed. I will update the banner for this chapter tomorrow.

Remember reviews=love and it helps feed my muse. I am a bit stalled at the moment and we don’t want that to happen! My plan is to have enough chapters banked so when I go in for surgery you guys will not miss out on your updates. 🙂

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26 responses to “Papa Don’t Preach: Chapter 7

    • I think it is her way of coping with the way he has treated her. That will come up in the next chapter. :o) It’s almost 4 am here and I have to go to bed before I pass out on the floor!! LOL So glad you liked the update and thank you so much for taking the time to comment every chapter. It means a lot. 🙂

  1. Thank you for posting early! Another great update. So glad Jason wasn’t there to hear Eric’s revelation. They make such a cute pairing. I hope everything eventually works out for them & sookie’s dad or brother don’t end up beating up Eric or anything drastic.

    • You are welcome! I figured post the chapter early or do the teaser. Chapter seemed to make more sense. 😉 We will find out in the next chapter how Jason takes it, but it will be awhile before Corbett finds out. I know this is starting off really slow, but one they get past school being out for summer, the speed of the story will pick up quite a bit. I appreciate your thoughtful comments and that you also take the time to remark on each chapter. It means a lot. 🙂

  2. Part of me thinks that they should tell Jason that it really is Alcide’s, and the other part thinks no, that everyone should think it really is Eric’s. I believed him when he said that he would be with her, but they are both so young, and he has no idea what he just signed on for. Oh boy……

    • I think he 100% means he will be there for her as well, but also agree he has no clue what he just offered. We also haven’t learned anything about Eric’s family – and won’t for awhile- so what would his family think about him getting her preggers? There are a lot of “what if’s” on this case!

      Thank you for leaving a comment and taking the time to reply, I really appreciate it! 🙂

  3. I loved the way Eric admitted the way he feels about her in such a round about way. the way they banter show a closeness that comes about only from spending years with one another. great writing looking forward to the next chapter.

    • He is really trying to keep it at bay, but he is going to slip up at some point. I think more than anything he is just still in shock about all of this. Thank you for your compliments AND for taking the time to comment. That means a lot. XO

  4. Oh this was great! I love that sookie is telling eric about alcides seceret, lol. Omg, jason….. he is too funny! I wonder if sookie will tell jason and her parents the truth, or tell them that its erics…cant wait to find out! I am really loving this story!

    • Well, I actually knew a guy with a hairy chest problem, but his was that it only grew on one side. o.O And I also have a friend who’s bro has extra nipples. LOL Gotta love, Jason, huh? I appreciate your comments and that you took the time to leave them. 🙂 XO

  5. Gotta love Eric…trying to be Sookie’s knight in shining armor. Ok, they did a good job standing up to their friends at the party. Now comes the biggie, the family. I’m sure it isn’t going to very pretty.

    • Thank you for the comment! And yes, the reveal to the family will probably be pretty…interesting. Eric is so protective over Sookie, I almost feel a little bad for him.

  6. So glad Al-dick-cide is out of the picture, or maybe I should call him Al-tiny-cide, haha tiny seed. I love this story. I am sorry you have to go into the hospital. I was in the hospital last week and have been recuperating by enjoying all my fave FF.

    • Aww! It’s nice to know you consider this to be some of your favorite FF! I hope you feel better soon. When I do have surgery it will be outpatient, BUT it will be on my right hand and elbow so I will be out of commission typing for awhile. I plan to set up chapters to autopost when it comes to that time, so you guys don’t have to wait!

  7. So glad I came across your writing
    Love your writing style and love this story.
    Can’t wait for the next chapter.

    • I am so glad you found it, too! And I love your compliments! Thank you so much! I think we have a teaser coming up here in the next few days, make sure you follow the blog so you know when I update! 🙂

    • Hi, Linda! I am thrilled you are enjoying the story. I like updating here, because obviously I have more creative control. 😉 I will be posting a teaser soon, so make sure you click follow to get updates (if you want to!). )

  8. Thank you for not having Sookie have a swooning response to Eric’s declaration she was mad but not over the top (again you kick ass in realism). I think I could listen to those to talk all day. I forgot to say earlier I’m glad that you had Sookie like Eric as much as he did her but he never stepped up as apposed to alternative of him pining over her and she never noticed.

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