PDP Info

Hi, everyone! Sorry I haven’t had a chance to post yet! I got stuck on a project that has taken up waaaay more time than anticipated.

I will post ASAP and if it is going to be more than a few days I will let you guys know, promise! 🙂


Thanks for being so understanding. Life just sometimes gets in the way, huh?




5 responses to “PDP Info

      • I’m sure nonone would mind if it’s not beta’d this one time you know we are greedy and don’t mind typo’s when we are hungry for a story ** SNORT WINK**

      • *GASP* Posted UNBETAD WORK?! That’s like…like…I don’t even know! My beta might kill me! LOL I do so value her input, too, she let’s me know when something doesn’t work. I would hate to post it and have her say..umm…yeah, so this scene, sooo doesn’t work… BUT I have been thinking about it, so it is a possibility. Let’s see how the poll turns out! Make sure you vote! 🙂

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