Do you hate me yet?

Hi, guys! I am so, so, so sorry that haven’t received updates! I promised I wouldn’t do this to you and I did! *hangs head* I feel really awful!

A number of things have prevented me from updating, mainly the issues I have been having with my hands. Once my sweet beta Jax got home from her vacay, she went over the outtake and it just wasn’t working for her. I trust her like no one else, so I knew I needed to fix it. Part of being a writer is that you are always, always learning. You have to consistently strive to be better and work at your craft. The moment you refuse to edit or use an editor/beta, you’ve peaked. You are done learning, you are done growing and you probably won’t get much better.

So, I was stuck with two problems, one, my aching hands and two, I had no idea how to fix the outtake to tell the story I wanted to tell. Honestly, when I opened it tonight, I felt like if I read it one more time I was going to be sick. I was so over it!

Something happened, though. I forced myself through the first paragraphs I have read a million times and suddenly, my sore, achy hands were typing, the word count was doubling, tripling-quadrupling! I knew I was getting somewhere. It is so much better than it was before. I will be giving this to my Jaxy in the next few days and she will beta it as soon as she has time. RL for her is very stressful right now and I am not going to pressure her to beta it RIGHTNOWRIGHTHISMINUTE!! She will do it as soon as she can and you guys will love it! You will.

I figure that I will be done with this maybe tonight, if not tomorrow and it WILL be posted as soon as I make the corrections my girl suggests.

Thank you for not hating me and for not sending me nasty emails. I am so appreciative and thankful for you guys sticking by me. I truly want to give you the best work I can.


XO Jen


2 responses to “Do you hate me yet?

  1. Take your time and feel better. It’s hard to concentrate on anything when you hurt. The quality of writing you present us with is well worth the wait. Besides, your health is too important to play with.

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