I’m Alive! :)

I am getting ready to post chapter 15 in the next week or so. While I was digging through and reading what I had prepared, I found a little drabble I wrote about Eric and Nora. It’s super short, but I figured wth, might as well share it, right? I’ll post it in a few minutes, wanna clean it up a bit. 

PDP 15 will be going to my lovely beta tomorrow and our turn around time will be about a week. Y’all have MissRissa to thank for this update, that girl kicks my arse until I give her something. Surprisingly,  it works!

On a personal note, my law suit finally settled, so needless to say I am happy. Life is good. I came out quite nicely and it’s opening all sorts of doors for me. I will forever have issues with my hand, but hopefully I will learn to work through the pain- or at least find a way to produce without hurting myself too much. 

Thanks for you patience, loves!


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