I know there has been some curiosity over the title of the story. It will be explained in more detail in the chapters, but to put it bluntly- it’s what I was asked. “Why don’t you turn the machines off?” Imagine turning the machines off on someone in “Jason’s” condition. Or imagine there being no machine at all, which there wasn’t. What did they propose we do? Starve him to death? Because really, that’s the only way to “turn the machine off”. If I sound bitter and raw about this, it’s because I am. Time does not heal all wounds, it just makes them somewhat bearable.

This happened in 1996.


2 responses to “Title

  1. I had a friend in high school that had a wreck on graduation night. He laid in a coma ” brain dead” for 3 months. They turned off the machines and he kept breathing. Then they moved him to another hospital. They did some surgeries. A month later he walked out of the hospital on his own and perfectly fine. It was a real miracle to us. You just never know.

    • How wonderful. Miracles do happen and people come back from truly horrific accidents.

      It’ll be 17 years in July, so I know the chances of that happening with him are very small. It’s nice to hope for though.

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