The Next Step

My doctor called me this morning with my ultrasound results, which are still inconclusive. She gave me three choices- wait 6 weeks and do another ultrasound, have an MRI or go to a specialist. She suggested specialist and I agreed.

The dr she referred me to was promptly called by me and the scheduling staff was a bunch of assholes (this is even after I told them why I was being seen). The soonest they could see me would be the end of next week and they wouldn’t even talk scheduling until they got my referral, even though my insurance does not require a referral and I offered to hand deliver the reports to them today.

My bff/sister from another mister/mother suggested another dr I try, where she could pull strings to get me in if needed. Thankfully his office was very nice and they are seeing me Thursday, earlier if they have a cancellation.

In the meantime she told me to go get the reports so I could review them since the information that has been given to me is veryย vague. I picked them up and took a snapshot of the recent one and sent them to my other bff’s mom, since her husband is a radiologist. Turns out he actually was the radiologist on my second ultrasound. BFF2’s mom looked them over, she used to be an ultrasound tech, and said they honestly pointed to it being a fibroid but would have husband look at it tonight.

I got home a bit ago and finally read the reports myself. Apparently I also have a cyst on my left ovary, which was never mentioned to me. The report does seem to point to it being a cyst or a fibroid on the underside of my uterus (near my right ovary), but obviously it’s hard to tell.

It’s all very sobering, although it is leaning more towards the good than the bad. Just got off the phone with BFF1 and we had a good cry, where she admitted she had spent the better part of the morning googling, but really felt everything was okay. I’m lucky to have her, really. Her dad owns the biggest imaging company in our area (the man has a mind for business like no other- he actually started it out of their garage when the kids were very little, now he buys up the little companies and absorbs them into his larger one), so it helps to have someone knowledgable who can get things done. I’ve known him since I was 12 and if needed, he would make sure I had an MRI in the middle of the night if it was an emergency– that just how her family is. Hell, he would probably do it himself if there was no other option.

I am blessed, really, to have them in my life. My parents have been great, too. Very supportive and reassuring, although I can tell they are both nervous. It’s to be expected.


4 responses to “The Next Step

  1. I lost my right ovary to cysts 15 years ago and have been in your shoes. My policy is to keep a positive and open mind until all results are in. I will keep you in my thoughts and hope for the best answers possible!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story Katie and for your encouraging words. I’m trying to keep my head positive. Doing better now then I was this morning! Friends really can work magic, can’t they? ๐Ÿ™‚

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