I’d Turn the Machines Off: Chapter One

Chapter One

Jason left her about six months after his 21st birthday. Well, he didn’t leave exactly; he was still there ─ so to speak.

Sookie walked into the private hospital room he was in and started unloading her bag. Chap stick, hairbrush, and Paul Mitchell shampoo, some of his cologne, music and a book. She yanked the blinds open and the sunlight streamed in, highlighting his incredibly pale skin.

“Hey, brother.” Sookie said, forcing a smile into her voice. She stroked his hair and held onto his hand, leaning down so he could see her face if he chose to open his eyes. He had done that quite a bit over the past few months.

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Hands of Fire

Eric could still smell Nora on his skin, their coupling had been urgent and passionate. He paced like a caged animal inside the silver walled cell. His muscles flexed as he fought to hold the rage inside of him. He could hear the screams of his sister echoing down the dimly lit corridor.

He gripped the silver bars, hissing as his skin began to burn. “Release her!” He commanded. “You have a debt to settle with me, not her! Let her go and deal with me, you cowards! She has nothing to do with this!”

Footsteps echoed down the hall until an Authority guard stood before him, his face concealed in the darkness. “Do you take us for fools, Northman? Or has your human lover made you soft?” The voice taunted him.

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Papa Don’t Preach: Chapter 14

Sookie giggled while she watched Eric shove a huge forkful of spaghetti into his mouth. He lost a strand and desperately tried to suck it back in before it hit his shirt. She put her napkin over her mouth as she laughed, trying not to spit out her mouthful of soda.

“God, Sookie!” His laughter joined hers once he swallowed. “Don’t laugh like that! I almost choked on my food!”

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Papa Don’t Preach: Chapter 13

The last full week of school went by in a blur. Despite becoming sick each morning, Sookie was able to keep it quiet from her parents and focus on getting done with the school year. Junior prom was the next night and she couldn’t help but feel a little bit excited about it. She and Eric had tentatively planned out their weekend. After school tomorrow they would both go to their own homes to get ready, he would pick her up, take her for dinner and then go to prom with their friends. He would stay over like he usually did and after breakfast, she and Eric would tell her daddy.

On Saturday mornings her mom liked to go yard sale shopping with some of her friends from church. It would be the best time to get it over with.

Eric hadn’t pushed her anymore to tell him what had stopped her that night and for that she was grateful. She turned off the light and snuggled into her bed. Her hand slipped down to her stomach and she rested it there for a moment. The idea of growing a baby inside her tummy hadn’t exactly sunk in yet even though she knew it true.

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PDP Update and Sandy

Hey, my fabulous readers!!

First I have to say thank you so very much for the kick -ass comments after my last posting. Thank you for understanding where I was coming from and taking the time to comment. From a few words to some nice paragraphs, they each meant so much to me!

I am cleaning up Chapter 13 and getting ready to post. My darling beta Jax is unfortunately in the Sandy area so my next few updates (unless I forgo her beta) will be awhile. And I take total responsibility for this! She has been telling me for the last few months that I need to build a stock-pile again because we never know when something might happen and she won’t be available to me! I know, I know, I should have listened! SMH.

Thankfully she is safe, but please remember to send prayers and positive thoughts to her and our buddy fffbone, who was also hit hard by the storm, as well as everyone else there. They are just having a terrible time. 😦

Anyways, chapter 13 will be posted soon and I have up to 16 written, so I will just have to decide whether to post without her betaing! Makes me nervous! LOL


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Papa Don’t Preach: Chapter 12

Eric coasted into Sonic and stopped at one of the carhop stations. “Do you know what you want, Sook?”

She leaned around him to glance at the menu, even though she always ordered the same thing. “I will have a large cherry-limeade and a Chicago dog.”

“Fries or tots?”

“Mmm, they both sound good. I think I want tots.” She tapped her chin while her stomach grumbled. It wasn’t quite dinnertime but she hadn’t eaten much at lunch. Continue reading

Papa Don’t Preach: Love Song, The Homecoming Outtake

Eric and Sookie were dancing together to a slow song, her head snug under his chin. The chemistry between them that night was palpable. Every time they touched one another their skin seemed to tingle from the contact. She shivered when his fingertips trailed along her bare back and she felt his breath warm against her ear.

“Do you want to go?” He leaned down to place a kiss on her neck.

Sookie pulled back to see his face, to be sure of what he was asking. She nodded.

He brushed his soft lips against hers, before taking her hand and leading them out of the dance.

A short time later they found themselves parked underneath the stars in one of Old Man Wheeler’s backfields. He had about 40 acres, most of the fences in disrepair and there was one quiet spot, far from the road and the neighboring home that she and Eric liked to visit. A creek rushed through the middle of it and during the summer it was shaded by trees so old and big you couldn’t even wrap your arms around the trunks. At night, with a blanket thrown into the grass it was as close as you could get to heaven around there. Continue reading