So awesome!

I was checking out the origin of some of my traffic today, and found that it was coming from google translator! When I clicked on it to see exactly what it was, it turns out one of my readers is translating my story into Spanish for reading.

I think that is the coolest thing ever and whoever you might be, thanks for going to all of that trouble to read my work. I hope you have enjoyed it. 🙂


Fic Recs

I have added a new page entitled “Fic Recs”, for the fan fiction I have read and enjoyed and would like to suggest to you.

This is by no means a complete list, I have probably read thousands of pieces; but I decided yesterday I wanted to start keeping track of the ones that might be flighing below the radar or are just simply incredibly well written.

If you have suggestions for fan fictions that must be read, please comment below and tell us why you liked it!