Fic Recs

“How to Make Lemonade” by evenflo78

A sweet one shot, AH. Eric is a kindergarten teacher and Sookie is a single mother with her daughter in his class. Sparks fly between them, but will they cross the parent/teacher line?

“Hearts A Mess” by MoxieMo

This one will make your heart ache, your eyes tear up and you will love every moment of it. Most of us where left with our mouths hanging open in shock as Deadlocked came to an end. Moxie gives us her take on what happens next. Companion piece in progress.

“My Private Eye” by MoxieMo

Set in New Orleans in the 1930s. Film noir feel, canon in Mo’s own universe. Each time you think she couldn’t write something more descriptive and captivating as the line you just read, she does it again, through the whole story. Lovely!

What Sarah Said” by MoxieMo

A sweet, sad one shot the will make  you cry buckets, but it is so wonderfully written. A story that gives a look into how things might be for Sookie and Eric at the end.

“These Days” by Seastarr08

A one shot turned into a short chapter story about what life would be like for Sookie and vampire Eric, if she chose to use the Cluvial Dor and her wish was just to be happy. Things take an interesting turn.

“The Expert” by Seastarr08

One of my favorite pieces told in two chapter stories, the sequel is The Amateur (which is still on FF). This is an all human Eric and Sookie in a setting we have never seen them in before. I have read this two or three times and have enjoyed it just as much as the first reading, if not more. The Expert and Amateur outtakes are quite wonderful as well.

“A Smarter Sookie” by SophieMyst

A funny, smartly written and much better version of our favorite blonde headed heorine. It is a WIP, but it is stopped at a good spot, no heart breaking cliffies. Plus, I bet if she gets some new reviews it might make her muses dance with joy! This is hands down the best “first” fan fiction I have ever read. Girl has skillz!

“Don’t Find Me” by SophieMyst

This is a complete fic with a dark look into Sookie’s head after the fairy war. We have never seen a Sookie like this before, so prepare yourself to be taken on journey into her mind. The writing is exquisite and although the story is incredibly sad, Sookie finds herself in the end.

“Before Sunrise” by VikingLover Elle

A series of one shots about Eric and Sookie Northman. Canon. It’s been a long time since I read this, but I remember loving it and thinking it was a heart jerker.

“Before the Fall” by Wylis

If you are ready for one hell of an angsty ride, this story does not disappoint. It had me sobbing at some points and I am pretty darn sure it had nothing to do with PMS. This girl knows how to spin her tales and spin them well she does. I won’t tell you if there is a HEA because I don’t want to give it away, just trust that it is well worth the sniffles on the way through.


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