I’d Turn the Machines Off

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I’d Turn the Machines Off: Chapter One

Chapter One

Jason left her about six months after his 21st birthday. Well, he didn’t leave exactly; he was still there ─ so to speak.

Sookie walked into the private hospital room he was in and started unloading her bag. Chap stick, hairbrush, and Paul Mitchell shampoo, some of his cologne, music and a book. She yanked the blinds open and the sunlight streamed in, highlighting his incredibly pale skin.

“Hey, brother.” Sookie said, forcing a smile into her voice. She stroked his hair and held onto his hand, leaning down so he could see her face if he chose to open his eyes. He had done that quite a bit over the past few months.

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More stuff

I have come across some other stuff I think I will post. It hasn’t been through my beta guru, Jax yet, but I’ll let it slide on this story. It’s more of a way to self-heal anyways. I am cleaning up the first chapter and will post it shortly. I have no idea how many chapters it will be, or if I will continue to work on it. You’ll understand after you read it. 🙂

Hands of Fire

Eric could still smell Nora on his skin, their coupling had been urgent and passionate. He paced like a caged animal inside the silver walled cell. His muscles flexed as he fought to hold the rage inside of him. He could hear the screams of his sister echoing down the dimly lit corridor.

He gripped the silver bars, hissing as his skin began to burn. “Release her!” He commanded. “You have a debt to settle with me, not her! Let her go and deal with me, you cowards! She has nothing to do with this!”

Footsteps echoed down the hall until an Authority guard stood before him, his face concealed in the darkness. “Do you take us for fools, Northman? Or has your human lover made you soft?” The voice taunted him.

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I’m Alive! :)

I am getting ready to post chapter 15 in the next week or so. While I was digging through and reading what I had prepared, I found a little drabble I wrote about Eric and Nora. It’s super short, but I figured wth, might as well share it, right? I’ll post it in a few minutes, wanna clean it up a bit. 

PDP 15 will be going to my lovely beta tomorrow and our turn around time will be about a week. Y’all have MissRissa to thank for this update, that girl kicks my arse until I give her something. Surprisingly,  it works!

On a personal note, my law suit finally settled, so needless to say I am happy. Life is good. I came out quite nicely and it’s opening all sorts of doors for me. I will forever have issues with my hand, but hopefully I will learn to work through the pain- or at least find a way to produce without hurting myself too much. 

Thanks for you patience, loves!

Papa Don’t Preach: Chapter 14

Sookie giggled while she watched Eric shove a huge forkful of spaghetti into his mouth. He lost a strand and desperately tried to suck it back in before it hit his shirt. She put her napkin over her mouth as she laughed, trying not to spit out her mouthful of soda.

“God, Sookie!” His laughter joined hers once he swallowed. “Don’t laugh like that! I almost choked on my food!”

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Papa Don’t Preach Posting Tonight!

This is going to be unbetad, since I have not sent it to my beta. I’ve been a slacker lately. She has been sick and dealing with the crazy east coast weather, and I have just been busy with life in general. However, MissRissa told me today is her birthday and I really, really wanted to try to get this up for her and the rest of my readers. I have been working on it for the last week and I think it is ready to go. Hopefully when my beta does get a chance to look it over (I will update my post then) she doesn’t red mark all over it! 😉