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If you are anything like me, sometimes it is hard to keep track of what you have read! Our fandom has so many fabulous writers with tons of great stories. I have been thinking for awhile now that I need to keep track of what I have read, because sometimes I will get half-way through the story and remember…oh yeah, I read this already! LOL I will add to my list as I read and as my mind remembers. šŸ˜‰


Immortal Beloved

What Happened in Vegas

Happy Anniversary

Eric and La Biodina


Healing Blood (WIP)


Flight of the Bumblebee


Drop Dead Gorgeous (WIP)


Growing New Vines

The River

New Vines

Sweet Child of Mine


I Will Love You



Northman Towers

Couple’s Therapy

How to Make Lemonade


Eric and the Real Girl

The Guilded Cage

Miss Supernatural

Sookie, Interrupted

Breaking Down the Walls


Death Do Us Part


The Fog

Hearts a Mess

My Private Eye


Just A Kiss

Love Potion No 9

The Bloody Chamber

The Yellow Brick Road

Love Shack

Seasons of Love

Dead in the Woods

The Psychopath Test

What Sarah Said

Death in the Woods

Death in Disguise


A Matter of Chance

Ache for You

A Better Man

Dead at Sea

Giving up the Ghost (WIP)

The Expert

These Days


The Long Way Around

Through the Looking Glass

The Space Between

White Blank Page


The Queen’s Telepath

The King’s Telepath

A Smarter Sookie (WIP but stopped at a non-cliffie place)

Destiny Calling (WIP)

Waking up in NOLA

Don’t Find Me


*Everything written as of 7/23/12


*Everything written as of 7/23/12


Hearts Desire


The Blood Chamber

To Live Without My Life Ā (omg total angst baby but so worth it)

She’s Not There

Snow Angel

The Choice

Letting Go of Normal

What the Heart Knows

Before the Fall

Visiting the Garden (a little E/G slash w/S)

Only for Sookie


2 responses to “Recently Read

  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing your recs. I’m new to the Eric/Sookie pairing but I love it. I was looking for EtheHunter on and on google but I can’t find her(his?) stories anywhere. Do you have a working link? Are they still in the fandom?



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